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So You Think Your Pool is Leaking - Bucket Test

We get alot of questions this time of year concerning loss of pool water. Is it just really really hot...well yes it is but that's not all there is to it.

Properly performing a bucket test can give you alot of information and about 95% of the time, it's normal evaporation or lots of kids!!

Check out this excerpt from describing the proper way to perform a bucket test.

"To perform a leak test, get an empty bucket and put it inside your pool. For an in ground pool you can place it either on a chair or stool inside the pool or even on the pool stairs. Add enough water to the bucket until the water both inside and outside the bucket are equal. Mark lines to match the water level on both sides of the bucket. Let 24 hours pass. If the level of water outside of the bucket has gone down further than the water inside of the bucket, you can feel pretty confident that you have a pool leak.

There are a couple other ways to confirm a leak before you contact a professional. You can redo the bucket test one more time, but the second time you can do it with your pump and pool filter off. Check again after 24 hours have passed and see if the water levels are even or off."

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